Acknowledgement from Chairman

It is our rising spirit and goal to reach for the better world with high quality of life by rendering great services to the public and making advanced steps of business management. With a frontier spirit comes  great achievement in the era of Globalization and eternal glory against difficult situation and through barriers upon prejudices.     I am grateful to all whom may it concern for encouragement of development which Yuekchun had established their name as listed on the first for heavy equipment and Crane usage in the 21 century.  Our company is managing Hydraulic Crane, Crawler Crane, and Tower Crane as a result in multi-crane leasing business corporation in Korea.  As though the time of 70s for the cranes' usage is in for Shipyard or Crane business part in enterprises, We have been established in 1979 and passing through 150 ton Crane as the biggest one in the era of 80s to 500ton of 90s.     We proudly have introduced the World's largest TRUCK CRANE (800T Mobile Crane with Tire) and Crawler Crane in capacity of 1300, 1000, 750ton to meet the new era of the 21st Century in domestic field.     The self-confidence and dignity we have made is based on the pride that we are building one of the basis of industrial development of the nation, and therefore,  


 we are trying to do our utmost sincerity and effort to make our clients' profit to be our first priority. Theses philosophies we always search for result in more rapid work scope capability and safety first in the Plant Work. Thirty years of experience always support our mental attitude strictly stand on the motto 'No Loss and No Damage to Clients' with the united state of mind. In addition, Operator's Manual and the other supplements will be provided in every crane work places so no mistake can happen with the mind of the prepared.     In order to utilize a drawing using telescope for distances measurement at the time of an on-site inspection for the purpose of fulfilling growing needs of social environment, and the secure a little more exact  workability, our company secures a CAD/CAM system staff, creates RIGGING PLAN and judges work justice beforehand.     Successful recognition and aloft hallmark in the domestic crane business results in participation of the abroad plant such as Taiwan POMOSA oil-painting housing complex spot, the China Hainan Inland spot, Africa Engine Plant spot, North Korea KEDO atomic power spot, Russia Hava gas plant spot, and Qatar Oil plant spot, etc.     We think that heavy equipment cranes with high capability can distribute saving of foreign currency which leads to development of the country's economy, because heavy equipments can be produced only by the countries like USA, Germany, and Japan, etc. Our company has secured the Main Parking Yard for Cranes to provide our equipment in ONE-DAY leasing capability. We also have established our Joint Venture Company for the increasing crane needs of the countries like Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Your warm guidance and encouragement is of our eternal gratitude and we will be in your service anytime anywhere for the bright future. Thank you.

Chairman Kibon Lee


Brief History

          1979 - Dongyang Crane Company, established for rental cranes.                      

          1985 - Acquired the rental business License for construction machinery,

                     License No.2001-29                       

          1993 - Founded YuekChun Construction Equipment Co. (Capital 150,000,000

                     , USD163,000)                    

          1996 - Changed the trade name to YuekChun Construction Co., Ltd.

          1996 - Increased Capital to Five Billion Korean Won.

                     Nov. 1996 -  Acquired the License of Scaffolding Work, 

                     License No.   96-Seoul-07-15

          1996 –  Secured Gwang-myong parking yard for cranes in 410-1

                   Okgil-Dong,Gwang-myong City.(21,028 square meters)                       

          1997 – Additional Main Parking Yard for Cranes in 152-4 Gundong-ri,

                    Cheon-an City.(36,529 square meters) Additional Parking Yard

                     established in Yeo-Chun (13,305.80 square meters)                     

          1997 - Increased Capital to Ten Billion Korean Won.                       

          1997 - Acquired the License for Construction works for Steel Structure

                     , License No. #97-21-2

          2005 - Acquired the rental business License for construction machinery

                     , License No.43                    

          2006 - Established Branch Office at Cheon-an City, Korea.

          2007 - Completed of Construction of Main Office Building in Seoul

                     (501,93 square meters, 5 floors)

          2008 - Acciona(Spain) Wind Generator 41Unit Transportation

                    & Installation Project

          2008 - Introduced Special Trailer 7 Unit for wind generator transportation

          2008 - Established Yuekchun Saudi Branch

          2009 - Increased Capital \700,000,000

          2009 - Introduced crawler crane 400t,272tt

          2011 - Introduced crawler 1600t  DEMAG CC8800-1 and 750t